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Flooring FAQ's

August 26, 2015


Buyers and sellers who are installing new flooring usually have questions. As your friendly real estate flooring experts, we thought you might find it helpful if we answered some of the questions we get asked most frequently.


Q: Can I just change the carpet and not the pad?

A: When an agent represents that a listing has new carpet installed, it is assumed that includes the pad. If the pad is not replaced, TAR may consider this to be an E & O violation. Since the cost of the pad is a small part of the total cost, we always recommend replacing the pad.    



Q: Will upgrading the pad make the carpet last longer?

A: The durability of the carpet is a function of the quality of the carpet and usage; pad is a lesser factor. There is a big usage difference between a family with four kids and a retired couple. Also very important is the frequency of maintenance – vacuuming and professional cleaning.



Q: Can we lay tile, hardwood floor over the existing tile, laminate, or vinyl floor to save money?

A: This is always case-by-case. If the vinyl tile or sheet vinyl is in good condition, it is fine. If the existing flooring is tile (ceramic, terrazzo, or marble), probably not. Laminate flooring always must be removed.


Q: Can you just pull the baseboards and not install ¼” round?

A: It’s normally less expensive to keep the baseboards and replace the ¼” round. If you pull the baseboards, the walls will have to be painted. The new paint color will probably not match the existing paint color, which means the entire room will have to be repainted.


Q: Can we install hardwood floors, vinyl plank floors or tile over stained concrete?

A: Yes, hardwood, vinyl tile and plank floors can be installed using a floating installation. Adhesive manufacturers will not warranty their adhesives being spread over existing chemicals, which includes those in stained concrete. 



Q: What causes carpet to ripple?

A: Carpet ripples when it’s not power stretched when installed, and from poor cleaning techniques by a less than professional carpet cleaner.



Q: What is the difference between engineered wood and regular wood floors?

A: Engineered wood has several plies of subfloor with a thin wood veneer – oak birch, hickory, etc. – on top. Regular wood flooring is solid wood throughout. Engineered wood flooring is more dimensionally stable because of the sub-floor, and it is less expensive.



Q: Can I remove the carpet and pad myself to save money, but have your guys haul them away?

A: In the removal, haul off and disposal process, the big costs are the haul off and disposal. The removal is a small part, so no credit is available.



Q: Can we request a moisture barrier pad in case our pets soil the carpet, to save the pad?

A: Yes, CSC Floors carries a moisture barrier pad option, which has a small additional cost.



These are just a few of the questions we get asked most frequently. If you have other flooring questions, please get in touch – we’re only an email or a phone call away and we’d love to help you!


Happy selling!


Hank and Judy


Hank and Judy Goldstein, Owners

CSC Floors

The Real Estate Flooring Experts


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